In this page, I (Adli Hadiyan Munif) am gonna explain various Terms and Conditions, regarding contents and copyright, credit, watermark, or other needed explanations for this website.


  • I own no right to any commercial materials (e.g. images, videos, music, and similar formats) in this website.
    • Right to this commercial materials belong to each respectful owner(s) or creator(s), and I am gonna make sure I include any credits available as long as it's possible.
    • If possible, the commercial materials will be embedded from the original source. If not, then it's gonna be hosted through Blogger Image Host or my Google Photos account.
  • I intend no copyright infringement.
  • These commercial materials will only be used to review, spread the information, give opinion, give suggestions, give comments, and similar forms of information.
  • Unless stated otherwise, then the materials belong or will be credited to the author(s).


  • Copyright to every content in this website belongs to me, as the owner and the one who runs the website.
  • In case my future plan runs smoothly, and there is another author(s) posted on this website, then the copyright goes respectfully to the author(s).


  • I did not watermark any commercial materials in this website, as it belongs to each respectful owner(s) or creator(s).
  • In case there is a watermark on any media on this website, this means the media belongs to a respectful author(s) on this website.

Extended Explanations

As for now, I think this is enough to explain various things regarding this website. I am probably going to learn more details about the Creative Commons License if it's possible to apply on this website too. Or probably other terms and conditions that I need to explain later in the future.

If you have any questions or wanna know more details, please don't hesitate to contact me through the Reach Me page.

Thank you.
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